We create unique designs tailored to local requirements. As an architectural design studio,
we develop multi-discipline designs from their concept study,
through the building permit design and detailed design stage, up to their completion.

We create designs of modern single-family houses matching each plot of land and tailored to each customer’s individual needs. We develop designs that combine a comfortable layout with an attractive shape of the building. Our design offer also includes single-family semi-detached buildings, semi-detached two-unit buildings, and single-family detached two-unit buildings. For the purposes of development specifications, we design terraced houses or single-family houses as two-unit terraced buildings.

Our designs of modern multi-family buildings offer a high level of functional and spatial solutions. Our multi-family buildings provide a tailor-made functionality and a wide range of well-designed flats. Our designs focus on the attractive appearance of the façade and optimisation of construction costs. We design and provide advice on the arrangement of flats, the appearance of common areas, and the development of the right, functional land development. We offer design plans and specifications for multi-family building designs in various variants: carrying capacity analyses before plot purchase, conceptual designs, multi-discipline building permit designs, and multi-discipline detailed designs.

We design public buildings tailored to owners’ expectations and needs. We specialise in creating user-friendly space for users and developing the image for institution. We offer extensive design services as regards offices and other public buildings from the stage of analysing and selecting a plot of land, through design, up to assistance in its completion and in obtaining the occupancy permit. Our completions include hotels, office buildings, restaurants, catering facilities, shops, commercial buildings, retail premises, medical practices, preschools and day care centres.

We create designs of industrial, production and warehouse buildings. Our work perfectly combines functional and structural solutions with the expected production or warehousing technology. We always take into account the building- and technology-specific characteristics of each building. In the field of industrial building design, we develop specialist opinions and expert opinions, including information sheets, environmental assessment studies and water management plans.

We carry out conceptual and detailed designs for individual and commercial interiors. We deal with fit-outs and space plans of office spaces. We analyse the absorption of office spaces, and optimise existing functional arrangements in order to respond to the changing requirements of tenants. We design private interiors: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and studies. We pay attention to ergonomics of rooms and the ease of use. We follow current trends in interior design and finishing works. We can provide advice and suggestions regarding solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics. By creating refined designs, we improve the quality of the space in your office, house and flat.

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